Night Courses

Formats & Pricing

Right from the start we want to make it absolutely clear that no matter what course format that you do with us, you will be taught exactly the same knowledge as all the other course formats.  The only thing that changes is the time format. 

The Night Courses are one of our most popular course format.  There are clear reasons for this.

1. Night Courses are the best way of fitting airbrush training into your busy life.  Most people don’t want to give up their weekends, or their annual leave, to do an airbrush course, and the Night Course format makes it very easy to fit it in.

2. The process of “teaching” you to airbrush can be delivered in a wide range of formats, but when it comes to “learning” to airbrush, most people have clear limits to how much information they can handle before they need a break – to step back and absorb the knowledge and work with it – before they are given the next stage of their training.

This is where Night Courses are so powerful.  Because the Airbrush Venturi courses teach you to create realist artworks of family members, friends, famous faces, etc . . . as you can imagine there is a lot of knowledge to learn. The Night Course format ensures that the lessons are delivered to you in short “bite sized” pieces, that you can go home and practice, ensuring that you don’t suffer from “information overload”.

3. The key to good learning is to make sure that you develop a pattern of regular airbrushing.  Again this is one of the strengths of the Night Course format.  These courses get you airbrushing every week, week after week, term after term.  It helps you to get your airbrushing into a regular pattern.

4. The Night Courses give you real flexibility in your training timetable.  You can sign up for a single term, then take a term off, then come back three months later and pick up from where you left off.  The Night Course is the most flexible course format that we offer.

5. Finally the Night Courses give you financial flexibility.  By being able to pay term by term, it means that you do not have the pressure of a large payment at the start of a long course.


Night Course – details

• 20 hours per term 

• 7.00pm – 9.30pm    
• 8 weeks per term     
• Everything supplied
• $350.00 per term. 


• Note: Night Courses are not available in all region – please check the National Timetable for locations nearest you.

• Note: The images of students and artworks are what is taught in the Venturi System in the night courses.