Airbrush Supply Network
• Working in partnership with Airbrush Venturi

The Airbrush Venturi classrooms are the ultimate laboratory for the testing of any and all airbrush equipment and materials.  Over the past 25 years Airbrush Venturi has pushed the limits of of everything on the market.

In many cases the airbrush equipment and materials were never designed to be used in the way that Venturian’s do. The need for specialist products has become more and more important.

Over that time, Airbrush Supply Network has been researching and developing a wide range of airbrush products, from inks, to stencils, holders, high performance hot-rod airbrush components, spray booths and more that have made a real difference to how we airbrush.  In several cases they hold the patents on products. 

Ultimately, Airbrush Supply Netywork works for you. Many of the products that ASN make and sell were created as a direct result of the Airbrush Venturi student community’s feedback. 

But it is more than just a specialist supplier, Airbrush Supply Network is Australia’s only full time airbrush product manufacturer. The spray booths, King Kaps, stencils, holders, and inks are all made in house.  The billet aluminium jar adapters and bullet heads are contracted to local engineers.  The airbrushes, compressors and overhead projectors are sourced overseas but then modified when they get to Australia to suit local needs. 

Beyond its manufacturing research and development Airbrush Supply Network seeks to educate, to teach about the technical issues of airbrushing. ASN has produced a series of YouTube videos on different aspects of airbrushing, from repairing airbrushes to using stencils.  In time this library of videos will be expanded.

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