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• Australia’s leading airbrush school

• New Zealand’s leading airbrush school 

• 20+ schools across AU + NZ

• Since 1986 > 2022 is our 36th anniversary year

. . . Innovative, Passionate and Professional


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Welcome to AIRBRUSH VENTURI       

Would you like to do more than just “learn to airbrush”?  Would you like to learn an airbrush rendering system that will enable you to create amazing artworks:
• any subject matter
• any surface
• any paint
• any size

If you want to learn to do more than just “airbrush”, you will love the Venturi System.  It is a world first, 36 year in-the-making, teaching system that breaks down to simple step by step processes that are guaranteed to work for anyone willing to put the effort in. 

Some people can find it hard to believe that we can teach absolutely anyone; even if you have no drawing or general art experience. Click here to see the free quarterly online airbrush magazine about our students.  All of these people started with little if any art knowledge. They would all tell you that they have worked hard to learn the system and that their success is based on hard work and dedication to the art, rather than some unique talent.

We will take you on an incredible journey of learning.

We hope the following pages prove interesting and answer all your questions.  If you still have any questions please ring:
• For Australia           ring 1300 247 278                                                 (1300 AIRBRUSH)
• For New Zealand   ring 0061 439 809 104

 For instant answers . . . Monday to Friday

When people search Google for things like:
• Airbrush School
• Airbrush Courses
• Airbrush Classes
• Airbrush Teacher
• Airbrush Tutor 
• Airbrush Training 
. . . They see a long list of “self appointed experts”.  Airbrush Venturi is not.  When you train with Airbrush Venturi you are learning a course that is the only course to be checked and verified as having a professional level curriculum, lesson plans, assessment structures, and a safe and secure learning environment.

Airbrush Venturi is proud of its long list of “firsts”:
• The first ever national network of airbrush schools across Australia
• The first ever national network of airbrush schools across New New Zealand
• The first ever education research organisation into airbrush methods and materials
• The first ever semiotics based realist rendering system that is 100% airbrush
• The first ever national standard for the teaching of commercial airbrushing

We make learning to airbrush rewarding and exciting.