Learn to airbrush systematically and logically.

The Venturi Method . . . a rendering system that is universal;
portraits, wildlife, landscapes, fantasy art, cartooning, anything.
You will be able to create it all with the one step by step process.

How to learn to airbrush:

Learning to airbrush is so much more than just learning how to control the tool.  If that was all there was to it, then anyone could teach you and we would all be instant experts.  Would you like to learn to create amazing photorealist artworks independently at home?  To achieve this requires an extensive package of knowledge , a package that has been carefully researched and built into a tried and proven educational course.

The first step to learning to airbrush is to structure your skills of airbrushing in your mind in a systematic and measurable way. The second step is to learn to break down photos or drawings into these measurable structures, so that you can airbrush each piece of the “artwork puzzle” in a confident step by step process.

This is what makes learning the Venturi Method so rewarding.  It is a system that enables you to control every aspect of an airbrush in a measured and confident way and then teaches you to break down photos into simple steps.  People really enjoy that we make learning to airbrush logical and confident.

The Venturi System:
The images shown left, of the Octave page and the Eye will help to show you how unique and effective the Venturi Method is.  The Venturi Method is an “engineered” system of rendering.  We will teach you that when you drive an airbrush, there are only eight effects that you can create, that everything ever done with an airbrush is made of these eight strokes.

This simple fact is now accepted by the industry, but in the early years was seen as very controversial.

We have developed a language that is very much like written music, enabling us to simplify the process of teaching you to airbrush more than ever before.  The “Eye” example show how our system is very much like written music.

You will be surprised at how fast you will learn to airbrush and how soon we will have you airbrushing realist artworks that will amaze your family and friends.

To say that there has been a resurgence in airbrushing is not quite correct.  In truth there has been an all new community built, based on this new system of speed rendering, the Venturi Method.  You will love being a part of this community.

No art / drawing experience?
Changing people’s ideas about learning to airbrush:

One of our biggest problems is convincing adults and teenagers alike, that they do not need to have any prior art or drawing experience in order to learn to airbrush. Nor do they need to have developed artistic “talent” or “creativity”. Many look at the standard of our students artworks and cannot accept that we can teach them to do this without having extensive art or drawing experience.  We can!!

Prior experience with an airbrush can sometimes be a hindrance rather than a benefit.  These people often have to “unlearn” before they can learn our system. “Talent and “Creativity” have nothing to do with learning systematic, measurable rendering systems.  We are all talented and creative but these abilities can mean little in our classroom.

We teach “Rendering” not “Art”:  

We do not teach “art”.  We teach systematic rendering methods, in how to replicate each shape, texture, focal value and colour you see in a photograph. If a photocopier can do it, we can teach you to do the same.

You could say that we simply teach people to copy, to copy images accurately.  We are; but this is what all artists are doing when they have a person sit for them, or go out and paint a landscape, they are painting what they see.  We will give you this skill in a systematic way.

Our students do not need to know how to draw, because we use light-boxes and overhead projectors for all the preparation of the line drawings, to ensure the proportions are accurate.  

A question for you; “Can you trace?” 
The answer is simple, everyone can trace.  Even this process will be taught to you in a systematic way. If anyone tries to tell you that tracing is “cheating”, get them to google artists such as Chuck Close, Richard Estes, John Salt or Howard Arkly, fine artists whose artworks sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and use ohp’s.  It is a legitimate part of any painting process, and will be important to you in your early years of training.

Why make it hard for yourself? Doesn’t it make sense to use every “trick in the book” to make learning to airbrush as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Later when you are a fully trained and experienced airbrush user, you can choose to airbrush without the aid of these tools.  We will use every tool we can, to make your classroom experience as systematic and rewarding as possible.

You do not need “Talent” . . . just “dogged persistence”:

We are all talented in our own ways, but this means little in the classroom.  All you need is the desire to learn and the commitment and persistence to break through and become an independent airbrush renderer.  If you have the ability to learn measurable systems and like the idea of tightly structured learning then you will enjoy our courses.

Our courses will really challenge you and we assume you want us to push you hard, to get the most out of you.  Things will get frustrating at times.  It is important that you come determined and mentally prepared.  

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