An overview of the Venturi System:

Airbrush Venturi is known for its high level of professionalism and passion for the teaching of realist airbrushing. You do NOT need to have any previous art experience to learn the Venturi System. Regardless of whether you have any drawing or painting experience of any kind, we guarantee that we can teach you to airbrush (as long as you work as hard on your learning as we will on your teaching)

We make a promise to all students that we will teach you a logical step by step method of airbrush rendering that is systematic and rewarding to learn.  This system will enable you to be able to airbrush artworks of any type of image, any size, on any surface with any paint. If you have read the online magazine Airvolution you will have seen the amazing results of the Venturi System when students have worked hard to master it.

Miles Davis is the 3rd project in Unit 1. Even if you have no previous art experience you will successfully complete this artwork at the 30-35 hour mark. This artwork teaches you a system that is error proof. It works so well, that even if you spill ink down the centre of the artwork you will be able to remove it completely in minutes.

For over 30 years, more than 30 airbrush teachers have worked together, to develop the unique Venturi System of airbrushing.  This system is easy to learn.  The high standard of the artworks that you will complete makes your learning very meaningful.  We will guide you through your training very carefully and do everything we can to ensure you have an amazing experience.

There are 6 sections to the Venturi System:
Unit 1 – Fundamental airbrush skills and artwork construction
Unit 2 – Creating Form and Focus with an airbrush (B&W realist portraits)
Unit 3 – Creating Texture with an airbrush (B&W full texture realism) 
Unit 4 – Fundamental Colour theory and Transparent colour portraiture
Unit 5 – The Venturi Matrix Colour System (opaque & transparent) for complex portraiture
Unit 6 – Creating Full Colour, Full Texture Photorealist Portraits 


Units 1 and 2 represent the inner core of the system.  At the end of these two units you will be able to independently create artworks of your friends and family at home, and know that the artworks are accurate and really look like them . . . that you capture a very strong likeness.  This is regardless of whether you have any previous art or drawing experience.

The Audrey Hepburn artwork is the major piece of Unit 2. This artwork is completed by about the 70-80 hour mark of the course. By this point you will be able to begin independently airbrushing portraits of friends and family members, etc at home.

Unit 3 teaches you to create intricate textural realism. We will teach you to create intricate skin textures, and a wide range of hair textures from stubble, through to beards, short hair and long complex curly hair.

The fact that we will also teach you to do this without a line drawing can be hard for many people to accept. Airbrush Venturi is the only airbrush school in the world that teaches observation based airbrushing, period . . . and we do it with you as part of your basic training. It has taken years of research to develop this program, but the results are proven now and we get consistent results across all students.

Unit 3 teaches you to create realistic skin textures that will make your artworks more realist than ever before. At the same time we will teach you to do airbrushing without a line drawing. We will teach you to systematically in a clear step by step process.

Unit 4 is a two part course.  The first part teaches you a unique colour mixing system that equally works for creating both transparent and opaque mixtures and equally works for liquid mixing and surface mixing.

Unit 5 teaches you The Venturi Matrix Colour System (opaque & transparent) 

Unit 6 teaches you to airbrush realist artworks 

The Terminator artwork is one the final pieces for the entire Venturi System course. The artwork is done without a line drawing, done completely from observation and gridding. Once again, we would like to say that one of the hardest things for us, is to convince people who have no previous art experience that we can teach them to this standard GUARANTEED!