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It is very important that students bed their learning down and the single best way to do this is to repeat the same artworks several times.  It would be a fallacy to think that you would learn everything you could by doing an artwork only once . . . or that by constantly doing different images will maximise your learning.  In fact it is the opposite.  Repetition is the key to learning the “real knowledge”.

Once students leave the classroom, they no longer have access to the artwork line drawings.  To assist you we have placed all the line art as pdf’s that you can download, and print then off onto A4 ohp transparencies, which you can then project up to the size that you want.

Simply click on the line drawing that you want.

 Unit 1 – Eddy A2

 Unit 1 – Miles Davis A2 Unit 2 – Angelina Jolie
Unit 2 – Audrey Hepburn A1

Unit 2 – Frank Sinatra A

Unit 3 – Gollum A3   Unit 4 – Drew Barrymore A1   


Photo Reference Galleries – Data Base

Doctor Macro Classic Hollywood Actor Photo Reference Gallery

Zimbio Paparazzi Photo Gallery
National Geographic Photo Reference Library
Gatag Landscape Photo Reference Gallery
Flickr – Photo Sharing Site
Stock.Exchange – Photo Reference Library
Fine Art Photo Reference Gallery
Getty Images Photo Collection
Outer Space Photo Reference Gallery 
Aircraft Photo Reference Gallery 
Car Photo Reference Gallery
Greek, Roman, Egyptian Statue Gallery 
Flickr Commons – HUGE Database of Institutional Historic Photo Collections 
The above site takes you to nearly 60 archives, 
but within most archives are numerous “collections”. 

If you know of a great gallery that we should add to the list, email us on