Airbrush Custom Painting Courses

Airbrush custom painting remains one of the most popular applications of the tool.  
It is exciting, challenging and very rewarding . . . when it is done well.

To do custom painting really well takes a lot of knowledge:
• knowledge about different surfaces and their preparation 
• knowledge about the different paints (solids, metallics, pearls, candies, marblizers)
• knowledge about all aspects of component disassembly and masking up vehicles 
• knowledge about the different custom paint genres (skulls, flames, fake effects, etc) 

All combined, this represents a vast area of knowledge. Rather that treat airbrush custom painting as an after thought, Airbrush Venturi does not teach custom painting. It does what it does best, teaching realist rendering systems, and leaves custom painting to the sister school, Kustom Kollege.  Kustom Kollege does nothing but teach airbrush custom painting. It does it with a passion and professionalism that will enable you to start commercially custom painting to a professional level in as little as 6 months of training.