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Airvolution is not like your usual airbrush magazine. It is as big and glossy as the printed magazines, but is free.  This is because it is paid for by Airbrush Venturi PL and Airbrush Supply Network PL.

At the start of the magazine is a charter, that clearly outlines its purpose.  Airvolution is not intended to represent the entire airbrush community . . . you can’t please everyone.  

Airvolution represents one small community. It is the magazine created to record the incredible passion and dedication the students of Airbrush Venturi have to airbrushing. The students of Airbrush Venturi . . . “Venturians” . . . are a little different.  They are a humble group of people that don’t have much to say about their airbrushing, they are not doing it to impress others, they are doing it just for fun, just for the challenge . . . and they prefer to let their airbrush to do all the talking.

But we think these people are amazing and the world should know about them.

While they are doing their airbrushing just for the challenge, airbrushing can be a lonely art form and they enjoy being able to see what others are doing.  

In other magazines people are often left wondering “what do they know that I don’t” but with Airvolution you are reading about people that have exactly the same knowledge base but have their own unique take on how to use it. The difference, while subtle is very powerful.

One of the first thing we want you to notice is that most of the people you read about are not “professionals”, but serious amateurs. We are writing about beginners, intermediate and advanced people, anyone and everyone that is local and “having a go”.

It never ceases to amaze us how creative even people with only a beginners level of skill can be with the airbrush.  It never ceases to impress us how incredibly diverse the uses people put the airbrush to.

We are writing about:
• custom painting 
• illustration
• cartooning
• textiles
• taxidermy
• muralling
• fine art
• body painting
• makeup
• signwriting
• manufacturing
• pottery
• surf art

. . . in fact if it will stand still long enough you can bet Venturian’s will paint it.  They are painting piano’s, kids faces, rubbish bins, r.c. cars, guitars, drums, bikes, boats cars, trucks, aircraft, the list goes on and on.

More importantly we are not so much writing about the artworks as about people.  We are writing about 14 year old’s, Year 11 students doing airbrushing as part of their studies, right through to people in their 80′s.  The students of Airbrush Venturi span every demographic. 

We are proud to write about them and their artworks because if we didn’t no one would ever know what wonder things they are doing, and they all deserve recognition for their passion and efforts.

When you become a student of Airbrush Venturi, we want to write about the creative things that you do with the airbrush.

At the same time, we are also wanting to educate.  We are writing about the history of the development of airbrushing, about how to commercialise the tool, how to price artworks, about all sorts of issues.


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