Joining Airbrush Venturi as a teacher and running an airbrush school, is something that we hope the elite of the airbrush community will aspire to.

Airbrush Venturi is NOT looking for “teachers” . . . it is looking for the next “leaders”; people who will take up a role of leadership in the various regional airbrush communities across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

The search for the right people never ends.

Think of the Airbrush Venturi team as a jigsaw puzzle, where each piece must fit perfectly with the others . . . finding people who connect with the existing team in a precise way, in the right regions; this is not a simple thing. 

The English poet, John Donne said “No man is an island”.  Although each member of Airbrush Venturi owns and operates their own school (under license) everyone in the team is working with all the other members of the team, using video conferencing, to constantly develop every aspect of the theory and practice; the methods and materials of airbrush rendering.  

This never-ending process of research and development is a major feature of being a member of Airbrush Venturi.  This is why we are looking for people who wish to do more than simply “teach” airbrushing.  We want people who wish to continuously develop innovations in every aspect of airbrushing.

All prospective team members are interviewed by the existing team in the region that they will possibly be joining . . .  and by the Airbrush Venturi management team.  If everyone agrees to accept an applicant, we will then go into extensive detail about every aspect of operating an Airbrush Venturi school.

Training Requirements:
• Completion of the 5 units of the Venturi System             160 hours training
• Completion of 10 Advanced Course projects                 160 hours training
• Assist in an Airbrush Venturi classroom for 6 months      80 hours
• Attend 16 teacher training conferences                              32 hours 
Note: You are not required to have this training prior to applying.  Much of this training takes place after a person has been accepted into the team. You must have completed the full Venturi System before any application can be looked at.

Equipment & Material Requirements:
• Each licensee owns and operates their own school
• All equipment and materials are supplied by ASN 
• Your initial investment should be fully recovered in the first 3 courses. 

If you wish to apply, please email Bridget Vowles at: